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The Universal History of Protest Tunes

aka "Because Fuck You! That's Why..."

Broadcasts by Simon Strong, sporadically on the Planet X radio show, which Dr Gonzo hosts every thursday 11.30AEST 3CR 855AM and streaming live at

These films were developed to provide a visual accompaniment to the sounds. In making them, the rule is that the film should be made in less time than the length of the broadcast (i.e. ~60m), not including rendering or time wasted recovering from system crashes caused by over-priced shithouse defective-by-design proprietary shit software.

From its conception, the series was intended to run for 23 episodes.

Watch available episodes on the Planet X YouTube channel here

ep 1 - Episode One

broadcast : 6 October 2011
premiere : 19 June 2013
duration : 53:00

The first broadcast ever from Planet X was ep one of TUHOPT. From the outset, this was projected to be a 23 hour long survey of defiant music of the twentieth century, not limited to obvious doctrinaire candidates.

The idea of producing visual analogues of the broadcasts came simultaneously. At the time I was working through Fassbinder's 'Berlin Alexanderplatz' and was inspired to produce a very long film of my own.

ep 2 - Mad in Sheffield

broadcast : 15 December 2011
premiere : 26 January 2012
duration : 57:00

This week, fave tunes of defiance from the Steel City. The accompanying footage is the seventies classic "City on the Move" played at half-speed. For a more coherent POV, please watch Eve Wood's excellent docos "Made in Sheffield" and "The Beat is the Law" and refer Martin Lilleker's awesome tome "Beats Working for a Living".

ep 3 - Special John Lennon Special

Broadcast : 9 February 2012
Premiere : 2 March 2012
Duration : 1:01:54

This is what happens if watch Yellow Submarine on Ceefax at 11.30pm on a Thursday whilst you are listening to Dr Gonzo on 3cr (855AM). WARNING! Do not watch this video or your eyes will burst.

ep 4 - Sous les Pavés, Plus des Pavés

Broadcast : 31 May 2012
Premiere : 28 December 2012
Duration : 1:00:51

The soundtrack of Paris during the events of May 1968.

ep 5 - Ton Steine Scherben Gesichte

Broadcast : 28 June 2012
Premiere : 27 December 2012
Duration : 54:51

Sönke Rickertsen and Dr Gonzo review the career of Germany's most militant rock group of the seventies.

ep 6 - Big Beat Bootleg

Broadcast : 23 August 2012
Premiere : 27 December 2012
Duration : 55:30

Dr Gonzo and SS discuss the 1998 Big Beat phenomena.

ep 7 - Where were you in 1968?

Broadcast : 27 December 2012
Premiere : 5 May 2013
Duration : 55:34

SS and Dr Gonzo discuss the reality of life back in those revolutionary times, and what we really listened to in the less uh enlightened areas. Visuals randomly chopped and overlaid from a crappy generic 'that was 1968' dvd for maximum psychedelic bang-for-buck.

ep 8 - Boss Sounds!

Broadcast : 7 February 2013
Premiere : 5 May 3013
Duration : 49:52

Dr Gonzo and SS examine the secret origins of Skinhead in working class and immigrant communities of the UK in the late sixties.

ep 9 - Letter to Margaret

Broadcast : 2 May 2013
Premiere : 10 June 2013
Duration : 54:46

Dr Gonzo and SS discuss the impact of the then recently late Margaret Thatcher (UK PM 1979-90) on the music of that era.

BONUS! - Planet X Radiothonic Workshop

A special radiothon edition of PX/TUHOPT with Dr G and SS playing their fave radio tunes.

Broadcast : 13 June 2013
Premiere : pending
Duration : TBA

ep 10 - Even the Old Dude is Cool!

SS opens his William Burroughs tune horde and selects WSB-inspired tunes for The Gonz.

Broadcast : 11 July 2013
Premiere : 11 November 2013
Duration : 56:50

ep 11 - Dedicated to Mick Farren but he wasn't listening

Gonzo, SS and Michael "Mad Dog" Helms present a tribute to Mick Farren, founder of the Deviants and leading light of the English psychedelic underground.

Broadcast : 22 August 2013
Premiere : pending
Duration : TBA

ep 12 - Punk-o-Vision Tune Comp 1979

With Dr Gonzo awol, SS and Zig try and hold the fort with Euro-punk tunes of the late seventies and beyond!

Broadcast : 5 September 2013
Premiere : pending
Duration : TBA

ep 13 - Peel Session

This week, SS and Zig address the burning topic of bananas in popular music.

Broadcast : 12 September 2013
Premiere : pending
Duration : TBA

ep 14 - Their Satanic Travesties Request Show

This week, Michael "Mad Dog" Helms is selecter. Listen in terror as he and and SS assess witchy and devilish tunes of the popsike years.

Broadcast : 26 September 2013
Premiere : 8 November 2013
Duration : 1:01:47

ep 15 - Trains not Toll Roads

This week, SS and Zig consider the relative merits of trains and toll roads.

Broadcast : 3 October 2013
Premiere : pending
Duration : TBA

ep 16 - Special Robyn Hitchcock Special

This week, SS categorically disproves England's greatest living tunesmith's assertion that he isn't very good at writing protest tunes.

Broadcast : 17 October 2013
Premiere : pending
Duration : TBA

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