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Stewart Home in Oz

In early 2004 the UK's most significant writer was invited as artist in residence to the Victorian College of Arts (in Melbourne). The invite was extended by Elizabeth Presa, director of The Centre for Ideas at VCA, at the suggestion of Simon Critchley, and the visit was scheduled for May. Suddenly, the hunt was on to find a local academic who could prep the art-school kids on "the only living novelist conceivably possessed of genius". There was only one contender but it wouldn't be easy. Simon Strong had been an associate of Mr Home since the mid-1980s, and he was now believed to be holed up in a secret location somewhere in Australia.

Some underground sources reported that he had been conducting secret research in an underground bunker. Others suggested that he had moved in next door to Chopper Reid (Australia's bestselling writer and ex-standover man) in the bowels of Collingwood, where he was reported to visit The Tote via a network of abandoned tunnels originally built for bookie's runners. When word reached Strong that his services were required, he spontaneously resurfaced to meet the challenge.

This is what happened next...


naked kangaroos

Stewart Home writes:

I shot this when I had an artist-in-residence in Melbourne in 2004, I did a couple of tourist trips and found it funny to film the tourists taking pictures. I did it for myself, not to make public... but anyway here it is for everyone now... One trip was around Melbourne Harbour, the other was to Philip Island via an animal rescue centre, the other shots are taken from the 26th floor harbour-side serviced apartment I was staying in.

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